About Bighugs & Positive Vibes

Bighugs and Positive Vibes believe friendship can raise the vibration of the Universe. Everyone knows what it is to have a friend, Everyone knows what it is to be a friend. Imagine how much more friendly the world would be if everyone made at least one new friend!


  • Bighugs believes that friendship can raise the vibration of the universe.
  • Bighugs believes that everyone can be a friend.


  • Bighugs believes at every moment you have a choice to act in a friendly manner.
  • Bighugs believes that friendship is ageless.


  • Bighugs believes you can make a friend anytime you want to.
  • Bighugs believes that smiles and hugs are the best gifts to give and receive.


  • Bighugs believes that friendship is the ultimate value.
  • Bighugs believes that friends are the difference that can change your life.

What we stand for

Friendship, kindness, actually listening to people. learning to get to know the real person inside of everyone, positivity, friends can be any age, unity, enjoying the moment, living in the present, respect, being considerate, loving all life, loving people, being thankful, appreciation, inclusion, opening doors, looking people in the eye, saying thank you, caring about others, creativity, making the world a beautiful place, being aware, being conscious, warming the heart/soul, passion, self love, giving someone a smile, hugs, high vibes, emotions, celebration, music, sunrises and sunsets, talking with friends, laughter, helping others, that passion in every soul, sharing, looking out for one another, good times, being there for a friend, connections, anything positive, chill, good vibes!  

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